RBFI Meetings 

Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to benefit from the preaching and teaching that will be offered.

Here is a typical format of our meetings:

Opening Prayer & Hymn

10am - 10:45:

This is where one of the brethren will give a lecture with regard to various topics such as pastoral ministry, preaching, doctrine, etc. 


This portion of our meetings will have a class room type atmosphere with opportunity for interaction with the speaker.

11am - 11:45:
Doctrinal Study in Scripture 

The speaker will preach/teach upon one of the chapters of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

At the end of this presentation there will be time for Q&A and discussion.

Each meeting will feature a different speaker for this particular portion of our time together.

After each meeting a lunch will be provided, please (out of courtesy) so that we have enough food available make sure you RSVP by emailing: pastor@crbc.faith

Book Table
There will be a well stocked book table offering quality resources that are dedicated to helping you grow in ministry skills, knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.


Bible Study Chapel
2368 Spencer Ave.
Indianapolis, IN

2021 Schedule


Meeting Time: 10am - 12

Sat. - JANUARY 23

Sat. - JUNE 26

Sat. - AUGUST 28

Sat. - NOVEMBER 27