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Doug Barger 

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Ancient Castle Ruins

February 1, 2020

Contrary to popular perception, biblical separation is not by necessity divisive and negative…but rather when in humility it is implemented, it is:

A positive instrument for the self-preservation of the church in a state of holiness (hä'-gē-os) which benefits her own public profession, which would otherwise be endangered or yet destroyed by continued religious fellowship with those who remain defiant to biblical truth...

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Colourful Pile of Old Books

June 1, 2019

From the middle of the 1800’s onward through a long series of events and varying societal contexts which effected many different societies of Christians, the witness of these early Particular Baptist confessions would be either diluted and watered down beyond any degree of recognition or altogether rewritten in such a way that removed from them their early Puritan and Reformed influence.
That is until the middle of the twenty century (1950’s) In which there began to be a re-discovering among mostly (already) Baptist churches of these old confessions of Faith.

It was during this time, to the best of my research that the phrase or term “REFORMED BAPTIST” began to be described to identify those who adopted the 2nd LBC as what they believed the Bible systematically taught.  

doug website photo.jpg
doug website photo.jpg

Doug Barger is the founding minister of Christ Reformed Baptist Church. He has served the Churches of Jesus Christ within Indiana through various capacities over the last 19 years, following his conversion in 2001.  In addition to serving at CRBC he continues his theological studies at London Reformed Baptist Seminary (London, UK), Covenant Baptist Seminary (Owensboro, KY), and the Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies (Mansfield, TX).  Doug currently resides in Henry County with his wife Jessica, and their three children, were they serve and pray that the glory of God through Jesus Christ will be made known throughout this region where the Lord has placed them.


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